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Hola & Hello!

I’m Reagan Quinn—local musician and owner of Reagan Quinn Music. After working in child development for 8 years, as well as a traveling musician, I decided to create a Music & Movement program with the future generation in mind. 

When not teaching, I write music and perform all over Texas. Throughout my life, music has been a source of healing and self-expression. I seek to develop programs that use music, movement, and language to help your children grow and thrive in life!


The Reagan Quinn Music Program

The underlying foundation of Reagan Quinn Music is awareness. Your child is growing and changing daily. As they change, so does the world around them. Each class is centered around awareness of body, world, and self.


Our classes promote healthy childhood development, and encourage creativity through music, dance, and song. We stay active during class, improving coordination and gross motor skills. We use our body and voice to create sounds and rhythm.


Fluent in Spanish, I incorporate it into each class, as well as music from many world cultures. We talk about holidays, weather, family, and notice how the world is changing around us.


With a degree in Psychology and Family Studies from Texas Tech University, I specifically designed my program to include elements of mindfulness and therapy. Each class begins and ends by bringing awareness to one's self and environment.

Why Enroll my Child in Music Classes?

Music has long been proven to increase awareness of body, tone, and language. I use rhythm and repetition to challenge call and response abilities that stimulate the creative side of the brain, encouraging children to think outside of the box. Singing helps develop pitch and sound recognition, and movement increases coordination and balance. Children who are frequently exposed to music and rhythm early in life develop skills such as memorization, fact recollection, and problem solving. As our classes progress, you will notice your child continues his or her learning at home, singing new songs and even creating his or her own melodies! Music is so much more than a form of development. It is a form of expression and a source of joy to both parent and child.

What is a typical class like?

  • At the beginning of each Music & Movement class, we bring awareness to self by singing hello and greeting each other by name. If we have a new instrument, we take time to introduce and learn about it. 
  • I use spoken words, sounds, and motion to create patterns and rhythms. We dance and sing to songs from all over the world, learning about how music is influenced by culture. 
  • We experience “free jam” time, where they experiment with several types of instruments in whatever way they choose. 
  • We use dance props such as scarves and parachutes and I also bring in my own professional instruments including the banjo, piano, mandolin, ukulele, tambourine, and guitar. We talk about the parts of the instruments and how they are used. 
  • At the end of each class, we take a few minutes to calm down. We use music, light, and breath to trigger calming responses in the brain. This lowers stimulation and refocuses attention to the environment and self.

I hope you find that Music & Movement becomes a favorite part of your child’s day! To demo a group class for free, send me a message!