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M U S I C & M O V E M E N T

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M O R E  W A Y S  T O  M A K E  M U S I C


Music & Movement at your Party!

This is the perfect touch to your family event, birthday celebration, or office party! 

Make your event special by adding a 30 minute music session just for the kids.

We sing and dance to popular children songs, jam with over 20 different types of instruments, play with shakers, scarves, and end with a group parachute activity. Each child receives "I'm a Rockstar" sticker and a picture opportunity holding the guitar.

1-10 children: $25, 30 minute session

10-15 children: $35, 30 minute session

15-20 children: $45, 30 minute session

20+ children: please contact for pricing

Please find your city below and select "Private Event" in the enrollment form.

5 Class Pass : Punch Card

Want to attend a Mommy & Me Class, but need more flexibility?

We now offer a Class Pass that can be used for any Music & Movement class, at any time.

$65 for 5 drop-in classes


Hola and Hello!


I’m Reagan Quinn—local teacher and musician.

After working as a childhood educator privately for 8 years, as well as a traveling musician, I decided to create a music program with the future generation in mind. A generation that thrives on creativity. A program that promotes healthy childhood development.
All through music and movement!

Fluent in Spanish, I incorporate the language into each class, as well as song and dance from other world cultures.

When not teaching, I write music and play around the state with my band. Throughout my life, music has been a source of healing and self-expression for me. I seek to develop programs that use music, movement, and language to help your children grow and thrive in life!

I continuously complete child development courses online through Texas Tech University to provide the most current techniques and practices.

In January of 2018 I started my business, and now teach over 18 classes a week. I'm so excited to announce the expansion of the program to Mommy & Me classes!

Why Enroll my Child in Music Classes?

Music has long been proven to increase awareness of body, tone, and language. I use rhythm and repetition to challenge call and response abilities that stimulate the creative side of the brain, encouraging children to think outside of the box. Singing helps develop pitch and sound recognition, and movement increases coordination and balance. Children who are frequently exposed to music and rhythm early in life develop skills such as memorization, fact recollection, and problem solving. As our classes progress, you will notice that the children will continue their learning at home, singing the new songs and even creating their own rhythms and patterns! Music is so much more than a form of development. It is a form of expression and a source of joy to both caretaker and child.

What is a typical class like?

In my Music & Movement classes, I use spoken words, sounds, and motion to create patterns and rhythms. We dance and sing to songs from all over the world, learning about how music is influenced by culture. We experience “free jam” time, where they experiment with several types of instruments in whatever way they choose. We use dance props such as scarves and parachutes and I also bring in my own professional instruments including the banjo, piano, mandolin, ukulele, tambourine, and guitar. We talk about the parts of the instruments and how they are used. You will find that Music & Movement becomes a favorite part of your child’s day!